Appicenter's Vocabulary Trainer for Android


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Appicenter's Vocabulary Trainer is a replacement for flash cards with many additional features:

It is available from Google Play Store and Amazon Kindle Store.

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App-Specific FAQ

Click here for the non-app-specific FAQ (e.g. voice output)

Q: Some cards just show "@...@". how can I fix this?
A: Sometimes updates will change cards so much that older drills containing those cards will no longer work with them. To fix this:
  1. edit the drill (long click on the drill)
  2. (optionally) re-add the missing cards
  3. save the drill.
Q: How do I migrate my drills to the Pro Version or a new phone?
A: The drills are stored in a user accessible directory on the phone. The exact location of the directory is listed on the About screen (Menu:About) under Storage. Copying the files will transfer the drills.