Chess Puzzler for Android


Featuring more than 4000 chess puzzles Chess Puzzler is a fun way to your keep brain agile. Chess Puzzler is not a chess playing program and focuses entirely on chess problems. It is small and can easily handle even large problem sets of over 100000 problems, e.g. Eduardo Sadier's excellent collection of "mate in 2s".

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App-Specific FAQ

Q: I cannot move any pieces. What is wrong?
A: This is intentional. The app is designed to exercise your brain.
Q: How do you install additional problems?
A: Some of the problems are over 100 years old when there were no computers to check for unique solutions and modern conventions for chess problems where not in place.
Q: How do you install additional problems?
A:A large collection of "mate in 2" problems can be found here:
Download this zip file: Copy it onto the phone's sd card into the folder: /sdcard/ Restart the app
Q: Can you add your own problem sets?
A: Yes, the format/process is as follows: Since PGN format was not originally intended for chess problems, the following convention is used: For more details have a look at the "mate in 2" problem collection mentioned above.
Q: What do all the cryptic characters (e.g. #5) mean ?
A: Those characters are called the stipulation an describe the problem to be solved (e.g. Mate in 5 moved). Here are some common abbreviations:
Q: What about support for fairy pieces?
A: Support for fairy pieces is in preparation.